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Dmitry Saltykovsky

Submission Policy

In a perfect world M. Scott and team would enjoy considering every brilliant screenplay submitted. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this as we may have similar projects in the works that create a bias or conflict. As a result any and all unsolicited submissions will be promptly rejectected - meaning they / it will not be read nor returned, instead you hard work will be trashed. If you dont want to waste time or money do not send us anything without representation. That siad we do enjoy meeting potential new partners and supporting emerging artist, we recommend that you kindly contact the studio manager who will provide you with M. Scotts lawyer or producer (Dmitry Saltykovsky) or rep who can arrange a proper introduction.  Mr. Vogel has played an important role in helping numerous individuals achive thier aspirations and find thier voice. Unfortunately, it is not possible to not accept ANY unsolicited material(s) without proper representation via appropriate channels such as accredited agencies, management or law firms. If you chose to disregard this notice and are intent on submitting material contrary to this warning you accept and release all rights and hold harmless M. Scott Vogel, The Kingdom of Id, its agents and all of its subsidiarieries of any and all responsibility and obligations. If you wish to set an appointment or discuss your project please send request to:

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